Grimmer Elementary Squishy Circuits Workshop

On November 7, 2014, I presented my first Squishy Circuits workshop at a Title 1 school in the Fremont Unified School District. On the chilly Friday afternoon, I arrived at Grimmer to present for their after school math and science club. With about twenty students in the club, they all paired up and learned about circuits and electricity for the first twenty minutes of the workshops. For the last forty minutes, I distributed kits to each pair and the necessary conductive and insulating play-dough to build the circuits. Each pair received some red, yellow, and green LEDs, a battery pack, 4 1.5 Volt AA batteries, a couple of extra wires, and 4 colors of conductive dough and 1 color of insulating dough. Though the workshop was compressed to fit into 1 hour, the workshop ran smoothly and the kids were incredibly excited to be getting a hands-on perspective on science, while mixing in art too.

Overall, I learned a lot from this workshop. Coming from a high performing high school, presenting my Squishy Circuits workshop at Title 1 school was quite an eye-opener and a much pleasurable experience. With the kids ranging from 3rd-6th grade, with their bright smiles and open mind ready to learn and have fun, my first Title 1 workshop was a blast!


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