Closing the Gender Gap

“Although teenage girls are now using computers and the Internet at rates similar to their male peers, they are five times less likely to consider a technology-related career or plan on taking post-secondary technology classes.” – Women in computing, Wikipedia

The amount of women pursuing a computer science major in college is shockingly low. Women represent 12% of all computer science graduates. In 1984, they represented 37% of all computer science graduates. Women are just as capable of pursuing a technology-related career alongside men.

There have been many organizations made to promote computer science/technology within the female gender. Through means of coding camps to workshops to seminars, women everywhere are slowly working towards a large representation of females in computer science/technology-related careers. In my Gold Award too, I have tried to influence and give opportunity to underprivileged children and also girls, to show what they can do. For example, the Black Girls Code RobotExpo held at UC Berkeley was held to promote technology/computer science/robotics to girls, specifically girls of African-American descent. It was such an amazing experience being able to host a squishy circuits workshop at Soda Hall for a group of incredibly talented girl.

Some organizations who are targeting to close the gender gap that offer a multitude of  events to get girls involved…

Girls Who Code offers great summer immersion program each summer at locations all over the country, free of cost.

Girls Teaching Girls to Code is a program where Stanford women teach and inspire Bay Area high school girls to explore Computer Science and Engineering. Students learn coding basics, build exciting projects, and develop strong relationships with mentors in the field. I participated in their 2014 Code Camp at Stanford University and it was such a great opportunity. I have also toured the LinkedIn office thanks to their amazing team!


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