Girl Scout Gold Award

My Gold Award project is titled “Inspiring Our Youth: A Journey Through Science, Technology, & Computer Science”.  My project’s main goal is to provide educational opportunities to under privileged kids or anyone interested in learning, not only in my community, but ALL over the world, all for free or for a minimal cost. I believe everyone should be given a fair opportunity to learn and excel in something they enjoy doing. I will be focusing on teaching younger kids, my target audience being children in elementary school primarily in the Bay Area. I will be hosting workshops for free or of minimum cost at public locations for anyone to come join, these workshops focusing on science, technology, and computer science, as these are all prevailing fields in our society. This blog will serve as my personal blog and my Gold Award blog. I will be posting updates on my project here, tutorials, my workshop materials, and much, much more! I hope my blog, along with my YouTube channel, will be able to properly deliver my curriculum and presentations to educators and learners all over the world for them to use and spread the love of hands-on learning. Science, technology, and computers science are such growing fields in our society today. I hope other children are as excited about these fields as I am.


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